star_3In this week’s episode I share with you a way that you can find out immediately when your competitors are smearing your good name, a killer resource that eliminates forever the need to remember passwords to all of the websites you visit, and how you can set up a fan page on Facebook to build loyalty among your members and clients.

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

I need a new tagline!  Curtis Mock is “Dedicated to your success”, but the tagline is boring.  Can you help come up with something that is more fitting to my personality?  See what I mean on the opening segment of this week’s show.

Don’t you just hate when people talk bad about you  or your fitness business behind your back?  The bad thing is that most of the time you won’t even know they’re talking about you.  However, if someone is talking about you on the Internet, be it good or bad, you’ll know about it with the tool I share with you.

I have over 100 passwords to random websites that I either have to remember, or that I have to take the time to look up so that I can log in.  This problem is solved now and I only have to remember one password!

Facebook is the hottest thing going right now.  There are over 300 million active users on that website, and they love to be connected to people.  Well now you can have your health club or studio connected to all of the people in your community.  I show you step by step how your fitness business can have its own facebook fanpage, and it will only take you one minute to set up.

Don’t forget to leave a helpful comment and you will receive a book from my library (and another special bonus gift you’ll see on the show) Bwahaha…


I am 100% Dedicated to Your Success…

Health Club Marketing Extraordinaire ;)

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    • Seth Boyer

      For a tagline, how about:

      Keep it fun, keep it real…


      Live as if it were your last…

      –I think these two epitomize you pretty well. Great show again.

    • Tagline:

      “Your success and my ego go hand in hand.”


      “Where fun, success and great info are always a click away.”

      • hahaha, Ouch Steve! Do I have an ego? Just because I think I’m awesome doesn’t mean I have an ego…oh wait, I guess it does. Thanks for watching man…

    • Good Show! Just another guard against shady competitors. If your club utilize lead boxes as part of your marketing arsenal be sure to but some dummy leads in the slot with your phone number. If a sales rep from another facility steals your leads they will call you. BUSTED!!!

      Dedicated to your success, I mean save the Whales!

      Frank “The Health Club Pro” Emanuel

    • Thanks for the tip on -gotta get that one!

    • Anothe great show! I’m off to make my fan page 🙂

      • Hey Jake, when you do, make sure to post on a future episode where your new fanpage is so we can join. Good to see you taking action!

    • Jonathan

      I think it would be fun for you NOT to tie yourself down to one consistent signature close. Why not make something funny up each week. It can be something people look forward to, “I wonder what Curtis is going to say this week”

      You may find that having a dif one each week is fun, so maybe don’t limit yourself. Unless it is part of your branding strategy to keep it consistent and memorable. Hard to choose though. I’ll try to think some up for you and post again later

    • Alicia Mitchell

      You’re too funny. I don’t think I want to give you any taglines because I don’t want that sock!!

      How about “Follow my lead” or “Your sidekick”

      Thats my 2 cents! Great show!

    • Carol Graham

      Google Alert– awesome!! I kind of like the sock, so here’s a few:

      1. Success Made Simpler
      2. All the Success. None of the Calories
      3. Learn the Luxury of Success
      4. Realize your Success

    • TC

      Hey Curtis
      Thanks for your great fitness business tips again. I can’t believe that people can be so bad to go out there and tarnish your reputation. Hey thanks for the google alert tip.

    • Glenn Beck?! Really??? Why would you promote a hate monger like Glenn Beck???

      • Bwahaha…I am certainly not promoting him. In fact I’m getting his book OUT of my library 🙂 Hate Monger…I love it. That means he’s doing a good job! The purpose of a position like his is to make you love him or hate him…anything in between and he’s not doing a good job. I myself could care less. They’re all full of hot air if you ask me…

    • I’d make a suggestion for a tagline but you just took my last one;)

    • you kiddin me! you really think Glen Beck’s book is a prize?

      please keep the book, I’ll take to sock.


      “Success is in your hands!”

    • Hehe, great show as always. My brain is full of goodness now.

      Just a heads up, looks like Angelina might be single soon 😉 start your courtship campaign now.


      “Fueling your success”
      “Gettin your biz into serious shape!”
      “Shaping you up for success”

      etc. etc.

      uh…probably won’t read the book, but perhaps I’ll use the sock as an art rag or something, lol.

    • Ronnie Jackson

      haha. Looks like we have some glenn beck haters! He doesnt bother me, but it’s funny that so many people would rather have a used sock than a book by him lol. i love the google alert function, i set it up just now to follow some people and myself and my biz. I like your videos man. Question-if someone wanted you to help them personally do you do that? i’m in the i need help phase and you and i would get along i think. I dont like too many other experts for gyms.

      Thank you

      Ronnie J. Jackson
      Core Fit Gym

      • I do take on a limited number of one-on-one consulting clients Ronnie, but right now I’m stacked. If you want to shoot me an email to curtis @ and let me know you want on the waiting list, I’ll be happy to do that. Over the coming months after busy season I’ll have a bit more time and will open my schedule more. I appreciate you considering me.

    • Elliott

      Hey Curtis. Great job this week. I just want to say thank you, I think from all of us watching. There is no one like you in the industry. You not only give away ideas to help us, you give away the secrets that you use in your own business. You put a quote on your fan page that I think sums up exactly your approach

      “The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time”

      I don’t know if you can use it as your tagline, but it is really good. I think its awesome that you are not afraid of someone taking your ideas. This makes you first mover on everything and makes other people the laggards. For example if some other expert sends a tip out to use Google Alerts, or how to set up a facebook fanpage, we’ll be like “Curtis already told us that!” You don’t give a fu@# what anyone thinks and you willingly share your best kept secrets and I love that.

      I hope people don’t take what you do for granted. You are my best source of information and I’m very thankful for the services you provide.


      • Man, it’s comments like yours that make me realize I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I really really appreciate hearing that Elliott.

    • Curtis, Another great show. I love the google alerts tips. I am going to set that up right now. I also became a fan of the show on Facebook. Your fan page is great.

      As for tag lines and please dont give me that lonely sock. You should just put it in the dryer and send it to the sock monster in there. I am sure that is where the other sock is. Or better yet I am sure that MJ will have more fun with it.

      “May the force be with you”
      “60% of the time it works every time”
      “Curtis Knows Best”

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