star_3In this week’s episode I share with you how to conduct an effective Member Appreciation Day, a killer resource that will help you increase loyalty with your clients by putting them on the cover of a magazine, and some very useful strategies for helping you get more done during a day, allowing you to enjoy your free time a little more.

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

  • (The email newsletter system I have used for years.  It’s only $19 per month, but in my opinion…priceless)
  • Health Club Marketing with (In my completely biased opinion, the most complete resource center for gyms)
  • (A very cool, and free resource to help you create a magazine image of your clients.  A killer fitness marketing idea to increase member loyalty)

First off, my apologies for the bad lighting this week and last week. It will be fixed moving forward.  We were trying something different and unfortunately it makes my face look like a cross between a glazed donut and an alien…which might be an improvement actually.

A member appreciation event is one of the best ways to increase loyalty at your gym, health club, or personal training studio.  Regardless of the size of your fitness business, this event will undoubtedly increase the loyalty of your members and clients.  I explain step by step how to set up this killer health club retention strategy.

This week’s killer resource allows you to see me in a wedding gown.  And if that’s not enough reason to check it out, then know that it is also a killer fitness marketing and loyalty tool to highlight your client of the month.  If you have a personal training client who has worked especially hard, this will make them even more loyal to you.

Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s Law?  If you haven’t, I’m certain you suffer from its effects!  I show you a few strategies I’ve used to overcome this phenomenon, and how you can run a more efficient fitness business each and every day.

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