star_3In this week’s episode I share with you my thoughts on how you can compete with a low cost competitor, I’ve got a killer resource that shows you what keywords people in your city are Googling to find you, and the only 5 words you’ll need to begin closing more sales.

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

  • (Fit Biz TV’s Fan Page on Facebook…JOIN or suffer the consequences)
  • (Andrew Lock’s web TV show: “arguably” the best TV show on the Internet 🙂
  • Google Keyword Tool (This baby will definitely help you understand what your prospects are searching for)
  • Health Club Marketing with (In my completely biased opinion, the most complete resource center for gyms)


Welcome to a Special Valentine’s Day Episode of Fitness Business Television!  Make sure you watch until the end because my video editor Victoria put together a special Valentines Day wish for you 🙂

Low cost competitors…sigh…it sucks that they’re lowering the value of a gym membership…but man they’re smart.  I’m not sure why it’s taken this long for someone to come in with the Walmart model for gyms, but it’s here, and it’s profitable.  But as a mid-level multipurpose gym, how do you compete??  Learn my thoughts in this week’s Ask Curtis Segment of the show.

What are people in your city searching for on Google in order to find your fitness business?  Are they searching for gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, personal trainers?  All of them?  With this week’s Killer Resource, you’ll be able to know exactly what people are searching for…AND what keywords you should optimize your website for.

You know the feeling.  You present prices after touring a prospect and you get that nervous feeling wondering what kind of close you’re going to have to use on them.  Well I have good news for you!  I have successfully used one close, 5 simple words, throughout my sales career…and I’ll have you know I had a helluva sales career.  Start using these 5 words after presenting prices and you’ll find your closing percentage increase exponentially.

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    • John Calentine

      Nice show man. My favorite close is to tell them which one I think is best for them. ‘There are three options, but based on what I’ve gotten from you, this option is best for you, did you want to add unlimited tanning for only $20/month?’ Once they say yes or no on tanning I simply pull out the paperwork and start filling it out. I learned this strategy when I worked for Hardcore Ballys Fitness years ago. I continued using it because it works! I don’t work at a gym anymore, but I try to keep up with whats going on since I was in the industry almost 20 years! I think your show is great and I wish it was available when I was slangin deals.

      John Calentine (conveniently rhymes with Valentine!!)

      • Yessir! That’s a great one too. Especially if you can tell they’re very indecisive and are pretty much open to whatever you tell them to do.

        No close is the ultimate close and many times it comes down to the rapport you build with and the vibes you get from your guest.

    • Darren

      Hey Curtis! Lovin’ the show as always…

      I believe I have spotted your deliberate mistake in this week’s show:

      In the closing credits you wish people a Happy “Valentinte’s” Day….

      For spotting the extra ‘t’ in Valentinte’s, do I win any prizes?? (Hey – you gotta be cheeky sometimes, right?!)

      I already have a copy of “Think & Grow Rich”, so perhaps a free subscription to something……

      Worth a try.

      Looking forward to next week already.

      Regards from the UK,
      Darren Dix.

      • I wish it was deliberate. I won the spelling bee in the 5th grade but it’s been downhill ever since. I should send over my rough video to you for editing. No one else mentioned that they saw that. I didn’t see it until you mentioned it. Oh well, it’s a good thing I provide fitness marketing info and not spelling and grammar info…

    • Elliott

      Great show again Curtis. And thanks for taking the time to respond to me last week.


    • Hi Chris,

      I loved this episode! I have made changes to my business and sometimes it was a success and sometimes the clients revolted :). I had to learn to put their needs first. I would love to get the book. I have a picture of my dream house on my desktop of my computer, but I’d love to get some more visualization tips!

      • I love it Joyce. Having a “Vision Board” or at least a picture or constant reminder of what your goals are is incredibly powerful. And for that, the book is yours! Be sure to send me your address at the “Ask Curtis” tab at the top of Congrats!

    • Hey Curtis, congrats on another great show! Always love hearing what you have to say.

      Until next time!

    • Susan Jeffries

      Good episode Curtis. Sometimes I only take away one nugget of info that I want to implement from your show. But I have four things I want to do this week. I’ve been consistently implementing what you say and I feel it is already paying off. I look forward to a new show next week.

    • This is best website. I am personal trainer in Arentina and have a difficulty sometime. Wish you speak spanish 🙂 Lucky my english good okay enough to understand. I never make a post in english speaking website. Sorry if it is no good. The video is very good.

      Cesar Villego

      • Mi Amigo,
        You might be the only person in Argentina who has ever heard of me. I’m glad you enjoy the show.

    • Great episode. So many of our clients get discouraged about low cost competitors, hopefully this video will open your viewers eyes that that has never been a better time to be in the fitness industry and with a little tweaking they can be profitable against any competitor.

      Maybe your viewers would benefit from our new ” The 7 biggest mistakes health clubs maker and how to avoid them” report.

      My gift to you for such an awesome show…

      • You’re probably right. Too bad I haven’t finished it yet! Next week, I promise 🙂

    • Curtis,
      thank you again. Greta show great advice.
      Keep up the great work.

    • As Curtis said make sure you provide a value. If people cared only about saving money and not relationships and interactions with others they would buy a home gym set and a treadmill. Most people are looking for help in reaching their goals.

      Find ways to help your customers save money and then show them the value. For example, if you charge $40 a month ($20 a month more than your competitors) Show them how you can help them save $20 or more a month. You could distribute budget friendly healthy meal plans in a newsletter to your members, offer two or three free workout sessions for guests each month, create a dvd for new members packed with tons of information for beginners and give it away to new members and tell them is has a $40 value.

      Another idea that is a little off the health club path, but could save customers hundreds of dollars each year is collecting the local grocery store ads that come out on Wednesday. Categorize the items that are on sale by department (produce, dairy, meat, etc) with the price and store where the add appears. Stores like Wal-Mart allow people to use competition ads to shop, so your customers could go into a store with a consolidated list of all the sale items in your area and truly get the best buy on some of the most common items they purchase each week. If you show people you care about them and truly want to help them, they will be a loyal customer.

      If you are one of 20 health clubs in your area you have to create a unique selling proposition. Think about it. When you are searching through the yellow pages are you going to call the first plumber you find or will you be attracted to the one who promises “On time service, after service clean up (better than we found it), and only charge a call out fee if they can fix it that day?”

      A great book I’ve read recently, The Business Coach, puts it best, “Know what makes you special and be able to explain it to your customers.”

      Here are a few links to some great books on the subject of competing in a tough market and selling the value of your services.

    • Great show, obviously these guys are here to stay so how do we deal with it. First understand low cost usually equates to low service. Differentiate yourself from the revolving door crowd by getting to know your members and help them solve a problem, or meet their needs.I discuss this more in the article at

    • Shelia Hall

      You always make me smile. Thanks for all the dedication to help us grow our business. I have one of those $10 place right around the street from me. And yes it has almost made me close my doors. However, I am one determined entrepreneur I am still pushing thru. I went to the $10 place and spoke to the manager and when I ask him how could he stay open at $10 a month his reply was we know that they want cancel their membership at $10 month. Our goal is to always upgrade them to the personal training packages which I understand. However, I am always about customer service, offering free weight management tips and classes. Free Monthly weigh and measures along with printing out reports. We reward with T’shirts when they reach a certain amount of workouts like 100, 300, 500..etc… So when I ask about their member retention program he had none to offer. So I really try to inform my prospects what they get for their monthly dues. Anyway thanks for all you do your the best Great smile too.

      • I would make it a point to survey your members Sheila, to find out what would make your facility that much better.

        Perhaps they don’t want T shirts. Perhaps they would prefer a diet plan for the upcoming month, or a 15 minute Q and A with one of your trainers. Or perhaps lunch with you! Always ask what inspires people to take action and to buy. Thanks for the compliment too 🙂

    • Hey Curtis

      I think you are probably one of the only people who have ever said my name correct the first time they tried. Nice job.
      The show was great. A lot of good information.

      Looking forward to next weeks.

      • It’s funny. It seems almost every question submitted has been a difficult one to pronounce intuitively. I’m glad I got yours right.

    • Jane Waggoner

      I agree with Sheila. I always get good information from what you have to say, but each week for 15 minutes I can tell how happy you are and how passionate you are by helping us. Every time I watch your show it helps me smile also and makes the day a little brighter. You have an infectious personality (infectious in a good way 🙂

    • Samantha

      Great show Curtis, you always have such great information and you are so energetic and enthusiastic about what you do!!! Thanks so much for all your efforts!

    • Great show as usual. We had a $10 club open around the corner in December and it did exactly what was expected and drew in most of the winter prospects. We operate the only complete facility in the area with pool, hot tub, steam and sauna, tanning, track, group fitness, etc. but people don’t seem interested in the value, just the price. So for December and January we offered a $10 Trial month to anyone that has never been a member just so they could experience the amenities we offer and would understand what they would miss at other clubs and it was a initial great success. Our conversion rate however wasn’t near what we expected and we still took a big hit from the $10 club even with discounting our regular rates. Bottom line…. people are just cheap.

      • I agree. Hell, I’m cheap most times. I would recommend that you give unbelievable focus to those $10 trial members during their first 30 days. Just signing them up at $10 and letting them do their own thing isn’t enough. Schedule them a time with a trainer, call them, have your staff go out and greet them when they’re working out, get to know them, give them discounts on supplements. Just like a new girlfriend, the first 30 days is really the make or break time.

    • Micky

      I have had some long stand offs myself after “asking for the sale” it can get awkward but you have to just stand your ground. A personal favorite of mine instead of “do you have a preference?” try “which one of THESE programs works for you?”

    • I love the Valentine’s Day ending it was very sweet and for you that is really good. 🙂

      I am not the best sales person in the world but I know that asking the question “Do you have a preference?” or the question that Micky used work ever time. Well, 60% of the time it works every time at least. LOL

      Yet again you have put on a great show and I am not just saying that b/c you are my friend. I mean it. I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day with MJ. 🙂

    • Hey Curtis
      Great show! I hope your dog isn’t suffering too much from all the cuddling on Valentine’s Day!

      Jokes aside this session was fantastic with a lot of helpful information for clubs. People will always pay more for service so to those battling the cheaper clubs, don’t give up and fight them by finding fun and innovative ways to provide great services to your members

    • Nice post mate

    • I appreciate the work that you have put in, in this page. Really good,

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