star_3In this week’s episode I share with you my thoughts on how you can compete with a low cost competitor, I’ve got a killer resource that shows you what keywords people in your city are Googling to find you, and the only 5 words you’ll need to begin closing more sales.

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

  • (Fit Biz TV’s Fan Page on Facebook…JOIN or suffer the consequences)
  • (Andrew Lock’s web TV show: “arguably” the best TV show on the Internet 🙂
  • Google Keyword Tool (This baby will definitely help you understand what your prospects are searching for)
  • Health Club Marketing with (In my completely biased opinion, the most complete resource center for gyms)


Welcome to a Special Valentine’s Day Episode of Fitness Business Television!  Make sure you watch until the end because my video editor Victoria put together a special Valentines Day wish for you 🙂

Low cost competitors…sigh…it sucks that they’re lowering the value of a gym membership…but man they’re smart.  I’m not sure why it’s taken this long for someone to come in with the Walmart model for gyms, but it’s here, and it’s profitable.  But as a mid-level multipurpose gym, how do you compete??  Learn my thoughts in this week’s Ask Curtis Segment of the show.

What are people in your city searching for on Google in order to find your fitness business?  Are they searching for gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, personal trainers?  All of them?  With this week’s Killer Resource, you’ll be able to know exactly what people are searching for…AND what keywords you should optimize your website for.

You know the feeling.  You present prices after touring a prospect and you get that nervous feeling wondering what kind of close you’re going to have to use on them.  Well I have good news for you!  I have successfully used one close, 5 simple words, throughout my sales career…and I’ll have you know I had a helluva sales career.  Start using these 5 words after presenting prices and you’ll find your closing percentage increase exponentially.

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