star_3In this week’s episode I share with you what to say to a prospect who asks why they should choose you over a low cost competitor, how I’m able to get twice as much accomplished at work, and a great way to increase the retention and loyalty of your gym members. (Oh yeah, and a dancing Yeti)

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This weather sucks

I don’t care where you are in the country, you’re likely experiencing some inclement weather.  And hopefully you’re enjoying it more than me.  I grew up in the cold midwest, but I have become a bit soft since moving to Florida.  But this cold is likely leading to more sales for your fitness business, so I’ll stop complaining.

With all of the low cost fitness competitors popping up, sometimes it’s tough to explain why a prospect should choose you over one of the low cost options.  Showing off success stories is a great way to Show…not Tell.

I get a lot accomplished in any given day.  Though I never feel like I get enough accomplished, I do know that I get more accomplished than most people.  I attribute a great deal of this productivity to having a couple of computer monitors.  Join me on a tour of my office to see how I have this set up and how it will benefit you to do the same.

A Bragging rights wall is one of the best fitness sales tools you could implement.  This thing sells for you!  Whether you own a personal training studio or are busy selling at a health club, this tool will definitely help you sell more personal training and health club memberships.

Don’t forget to leave a helpful comment and you will receive the book I present on the show!

Enjoy the show!

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    • I sure wish I had a book that provided as much insite into PT programs as Curtis throws at us on

    • Jake

      You’re too funny dude. The yeti was crackin my s#!t up! I love the dual monitor idea and I had no idea it was that easy to set up. I’m headed to best buy today to check on prices.

      I have a few before and afters sprinkled around the gym, but I like the idea of dedicating a whole wall to it. I talked to the trainers and they said it wouldn’t be a problem to get success stories to me by next week.

      Thanks for the usable info. Watch out for that yeti.

    • Hi Curtis! Long time no talk!

      This show is great! I’ve struggled with competing with TWO low cost competitors that have come in over the past two years. It hasn’t been much fun. But we’re surviving. I really try to stress the fact that our members get better service than they’ll get there, but telling isn’t selling, so I really like your testimonial wall.

      My problem is that we have one personal trainer and he is a contractor. He just pays rent here. So I don’t know how beneficial this would be for me since I won’t benefit as much from it. But I’m going to give it some more thought.

      Good idea with the two monitors. I always have to go back and forth between multiple windows so this will be a big help.

      Do I get the book? 😉


    • Stacia

      This is the second episode that will not play for me, the screen goes white almost as soon as the first few words are out of your mouth. how do i get to see these episodes. I’ve tried typing the adress in and it still does the same thing.

    • Caitlin

      Hey Curtis…do you ever feel like you’re being watched?!? Hahaha!!! The Abominable Snowman was hilarious, and I loved the coat and mittens!!! Good stuff…:)

      I loved the tour of your office and your killer resource!! I’ve always wondered how those dual monitors worked!! Now I know!! That would be an awesome thing to have!! But…how do you know what my favorite show is?!? Weird…;)

      Another GREAT show, keep it up!! 🙂

    • lee

      great show and info, I was in Sweden last week teaching seminars, minus 20!!that was refreshing!!

      True say folks, The wall is king!!

      Regarding price wars.

      I would go to the clubs and see how they treat their prospects on a show round. take a day pass!

      I bet they dont build repore and relationship! check out what they do and do better. You will lose customers, but if you are providing a more friendly, fun, personal, results driven gym they will come to you.

      Prove it to them buy offering a free week with you and over deliver.

      Be different, personal and real……

      My 2 cents worth 🙂

      • Very cool Lee. I spent some time in Finland and Sweden a few years ago. Beautiful country. Have a reindeer dinner, delicious. Thanks for the comments!

    • Sarah

      I would add to Lee’s comment and say that I’ve found giving 30 days away works best for me. I’ve done it with memberships and bootcamps. Remember, you’re competing with how long your competitors are offering a free trial too. If they offer a 2 week membership, that’s twice as good as your 1 week!

      Great show again!


    • i have been able to use many thing you have talked about.

    • TC

      HI Curtis thanks for the show. I agreed with you that competing on price is not the way to go. And showing results, overdelivering and having the personal touch are the best ways like you mentioned for justifying why you should be priced more than the low-priced fitness services.

    • Another GREAT show Curtis.

      We have started a testimonial wall and book at my gym and it is the best way to close the sale without having to do much work. The gym that I work at is small and our members love to feel like they belong to the gym family that we have. Everyone wants to feel like they also belong so it makes it very easy to close a sale.

      The dancing yeti was very funny. I have to say that I am sad that we didn’t get to see you dancing again.

      The shows just keep getting better.

    • Two things for Sadie, who asked the question.

      The hot thing in internet web pages, and Curtis mentioned it last week, is the “done for you” web page. The idea is the template is done for you and all you have to do is personalize it and make it your own. Why couldn’t you do the same thing with your facility.

      Okay here’s my analogy: the low cost clubs are basically just opening their doors and giving people a place to work out. The most regular members who will renew the memberships month in and month out will be the self motivated people who already have a fitness goal and plan. Think of this crowd as the tech geeks who design websites and actually enjoy it. They know what they are doing and don’t need guidance. They don’t care for the done for you web pages, because they feel like they have a grip on what they’re doing.

      Almost any other type of person, who is new to fitness, or is not self motivated, who may join these low cost clubs will find after a few months, don’t know where to start, when they’re going to get there, or what is realistic for them. This is your opportunity to create a done for you experience, for them. If you have trainers and a nutritional staff you can set them up with the “plan.” If not, you could provide an ebook or training guide to all new members detailing workouts for different goals and nutritional recommendations. Then set up a social community for your facility or have goal setting gatherings once a month for these members.

      My second point is, it is possible to compete with low price competitors. Look at Wal-Mart. They are in nearly every neighborhood nation wide now. They’ve been attributed with “killing the little man,” but really how many “little men” are still in business and doing well where Wal-Mart is located? People who couldn’t compete with price knew they could destroy Wal-Mart on the shopping experience. And, there are a lot of people who care more about the experience than the lowest price. Find these people and market directly to them.

    • Dan

      Great Show! For Sadie, I totally agree with Chett, for me and my club I’m looking to develop a community of people working out together. There’s something amazing that bonds people while their suffering through a hard training session together.

      What totally sold me on the value of community is that I did one workout a couple of different CrossFit gyms and even though I was the “new guy” I was totally welcomed. I went back to the low cost gym the next week and even though there were at least 50 people in the building I felt very alone.

      I think a lot of people would like to be part of a welcoming community.

    • Great ideas, as always. Going to do a “Wall of Warriors” thanks to you. I have testimonials on my site but it would also be good to get them up in the facility. I feel that if you provide a superior service and get superior results and build a lasting relationship with your current members and clients that you can and will build a successful gym or studio. I have yet to do any advertising for my PT business, just relied on word of mouth to grow at a small pace. I have been successful because I care about everyone of my people and just like what a couple other people commented on, I am building a community of my own through my clients and my unique training methods, and they reward me with referals. Now i am expanding and with for sure use the methods Curtis has generously passed out to help me grow and dominate the competition. Thank you Curtis and Everyone for your help.

      • Hey Jeremy,
        Great post! The best actually…because the book is yours! Send me your address by clicking the “ask curtis” tab at the top of this page. Thanks for getting involved…

    • Great webcasts. I look forward to all the USABLE information each week. I like the idea of double monitors. If fact I already have a second mmonitor but I didn’t catch during the show how to implement using the two at once. maybe I’m a little slow. Could you explain how to set that up?

    • Darren

      Great resource site. Love it.

      Stacia – I encountered a problem similar to yours (still do). The solution is to wait until you’ve clicked the banner that appears at the foot of your monitor, then click on the biztv screen. This should restart it again and you should be able to watch as normal.

      Curtis – I don’t know if it’s just my browser, but when watching the show, there are green bars along the top and bottom of the screen, and the top one obscures the links tabs.

      Can’t wait for the next show!

    • Jessica

      I just found your show site while looking for ideas to help my small gym. What a wonderful resource! I don’t have a website (working on it) so I can’t link back to it, but when I get it live I certainly will.

      I’ve not been in a hurry to get a website live because of many of the comments above. I pride myself on the delivery of customer service. My members definitely feel a sense of community. We’re in a small newly developed town outside of Denver and our gym has been open for 6 months. We are on track to make our first real profit next month once the New Years draft kicks in. It is very exciting right now and there is a great buzz in the gym and in the community.

      Thank you for the great resource. Not only is the show full of useful information, you make it fun to learn new things. And you’re pretty easy on the eyes :)~

      Looking forward to more

      Jessica Pinney

    • Love the Bragging Rights/Testimonial board! Definitely will implement this!


    • Tom Cepeda

      Another great show.

    • Blatantly posting just so Google might pick up my URL as per Guru’s suggestion. 🙂

    • Blatantly posting as per Curtis suggestion so Google may pick up my URL

      • oops posted twice. Technology challenged.

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