star_3In this week’s episode I share with you what to say to a prospect who asks why they should choose you over a low cost competitor, how I’m able to get twice as much accomplished at work, and a great way to increase the retention and loyalty of your gym members. (Oh yeah, and a dancing Yeti)

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This weather sucks

I don’t care where you are in the country, you’re likely experiencing some inclement weather.  And hopefully you’re enjoying it more than me.  I grew up in the cold midwest, but I have become a bit soft since moving to Florida.  But this cold is likely leading to more sales for your fitness business, so I’ll stop complaining.

With all of the low cost fitness competitors popping up, sometimes it’s tough to explain why a prospect should choose you over one of the low cost options.  Showing off success stories is a great way to Show…not Tell.

I get a lot accomplished in any given day.  Though I never feel like I get enough accomplished, I do know that I get more accomplished than most people.  I attribute a great deal of this productivity to having a couple of computer monitors.  Join me on a tour of my office to see how I have this set up and how it will benefit you to do the same.

A Bragging rights wall is one of the best fitness sales tools you could implement.  This thing sells for you!  Whether you own a personal training studio or are busy selling at a health club, this tool will definitely help you sell more personal training and health club memberships.

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