star_3An overview of some some interesting research on a new way to present your prices, how to promote a unique fitness business model, a killer resource that allows you to actually WATCH a video of what your visitors do at your website, and a few ways Google can make your life much much easier

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Selling memberships is getting more and more difficult each year.  Increased competition, price wars, down economy, etc. haven’t help our cause much.  So instead of trying the same methods, lets mix up our fitness sales strategies a bit.  You’ll find in this episode a very cool way (backed by “loads” of research) to sell more at your fitness business.

Not all fitness businesses are created equal.  Some require a little different fitness marketing approach as well as an overall different approach to running the business as a whole.  A spa and fitness center combo can be tricky…hopefully not anymore!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit and watch over the shoulder of all of your fitness website visitors?  Well now you can!  This week’s killer resource takes voyeurism to a whole new level.

Gmail is to my life as a strip club is to my uncle.  I just can’t get enough of it.  There are so many unbelievable features (talking about Gmail, not the stripper) available in Gmail.  You just wait until you experience the power of a real email system.  It will blow your mind.

I finish this show in a fun mood.  It’s the New Year and I had on my dancing shoes….and I have been known to cut a little rug in my day, albeit a really awkward rug.  So enjoy my New Years dancing, dedicated to you.  I wish you the most amazing 2010.

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