star_3An overview of some good marketing headlines to use on your direct mail pieces (and some that aren’t so good), how to commission your sales people when you aren’t generating much in down payments, two killer resources that will make sending and converting files much easier, and a great personal training downsell program

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Health Club Marketing and Studio Marketing is actually quite simple, we just make it difficult on ourselves. With just a few tweaks to the headlines you use on your direct mail and other print marketing pieces, you can generate exponentially more response.

There are many more bad fitness marketing strategies and headlines out there than there are good. Make sure yours are effective.

Another issue plaguing the fitness industry is how to compensate fitness sales staff to keep them motivated and loyal. And if you’re already offering tons of discounts and freebies on your memberships and packages, that doesn’t leave a lot for commissions. I discuss a few ways to overcome this problem.

This week there are two Killer Resources.  I use these resources weekly and I know they will help you as well.  One helps you email large files, the other helps you convert files into formats you need.  Both very useful.

The show is wrapped up with a great personal training downsell strategy blatantly stolen from my friend Pat Rigsby. It is a special personal training coaching program that can be offered to members and prospects who decide not to invest in traditional personal training.

Let me know your opinion about the topics covered in the show this week – leave your comment below, it’s really easy to do.

Enjoy the show!

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    • First in Line

      Well well, lucky me! Here I am wide awake at 2:45 in the morning and I just realized I just watched this week’s show before Curtis even announced it! I might just stay up every Tuesday night to be the first to watch!

      This is my favorite so far. I was wondering what the person last week was talking about with the “nut huggers”, and now I know. Too funny.

      You keep saying you want to get the show down to 12 minutes, but to be honest it moved quickly and I got a lot of information from it. I think it is a good length, so don’t fret. I even spent a few extra minutes on the downsell program and have quite a few notes to make sense of in the morning when I’m not quite so deliriously tired. A long plane ride from San Fran will do that to a person. I knew I shouldn’t have double fisted wine and coffee lol.

      Oh and good ideas for the commissions for sales staff. Those were great!

      I’m very happy to have this show to look forward to each week and I’m excited that I am the first to watch it this week!

      Chris Bowman

    • Look better naked.

    • Caitlin

      This was one of the best episodes yet! It was full of good information and the transitions to the different segments flowed very smoothly! Great job! 🙂

      P.S. I LOVE that picture of MJ at the end! 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      Great show! Is that MJ at the end? How cute! Great intro showing the good and bad postcard examples. That is something I really need to see. I’m not the best marketer, as I’m sure many other viewers aren’t.

      The down sell is good. We do something similar where we offer a once per month tune up session for only $50/month, available only via EFT and only available as part of their term agreement. I get maybe 2 people to take me up on it each week. I like that your program gets them more involved each week though, likely getting them to sign up for a regular training package. On mine, there really aren’t many opportunities to get in front of them to prove the value.

      Great show!

    • Curtis! Long time no see. This show is great man! I remember when I met you in Boston like 5 years ago. I knew you were carving your nitch even then. What a cool idea. Its funny, my owner is a GymSuccess client (which I didn’t know was you either) and he told me that I need to check the show out. Then I see you wearing your Mizzou shirt (You wore one in Boston one night too) and I was like holy $#!t, that’s Curtis Mock. Funny stuff.

      Glad I found you man. I sent a message on the ask curtis page so hopefully you get it. Would be good to catch up.


    • shelly

      I use quite a bit. I’m typically the designated one to take tons of pictures of friends/family and when I try to send original files, good old aol doesn’t like the file size. I’ve recently switched to gmail and I’m sure they are better, but yousendit has never given me problems.

      I like the downsell too. I wonder if it would be better to present with the other options?

    • Elizabeth

      How do I get my picture in that little avatar spot? Anyone know?

    • Another idea to reward staff is to use a quid pro quo (“this for that” for all you KU fans) with nearby hotels, or resorts. You could contact the managers and owners of these facilities and exchange complimentary passes to your facility for the use of their suites. This could also be done with limo services, who could also receive complementary passes and since they will most likely live in the area, could lead to a sell of a membership. Or, anything else that is considered a luxury, such as a nice restaurant gift certificate who would be allowed to advertise in your facility, or again use complimentary passes. Most employees would love the opportunity to treat their significant other to a memorable evening, that would take a month of commissions to pay for.

      People tend to forget the type of economy that existed before capitalism, which is barter and trade. Bartering is a very effective tool in a down economy when there is less cash moving around. Your club has a service to provide to other business owners in your area. Be creative and think about how you can use this to your advantage.

    • @Elizabeth,

      The image is called a gravatar. I noticed when I was logging on the site it is processed through wordpress, which as you probably know is a blogging site. If you go to wordpress and create a blog, for free, you will have a chance to upload a photo to your profile and this will become your gravatar. If you don’t have a blog, you may consider starting one if you are in the industry. It is a great way to communicate with clients, and you can even turn it into a webpage, which hopefully Curtis will tell you next week how to use google to drive clients to your site if you should choose to create one.

      I don’t know of any other way of loading the image. I hope this helped.

    • Kelly

      Another Great show Curtis!

      I love the idea for the personal training down sell. I am going to start that program asap. It is a great way to get members face to face with trainers. It is a very good way to show value in training and to develop relationships with the members. This makes it very easy for the up sell later. Thanks for the great tip. Can’t wait to use it.

      The picture of MJ is great at the end. I love it 🙂

    • Will

      Another great show full of good info. Especially liked the group training idea for those who can not afford it or those still deciding to buy.

    • Jericho

      This is cool man. I’ve never commented on a website before but you did such a good job that I had to let you know. I’m gonna go watch the episodes I missed now.

      Jericho Jacobs

    • Carol

      Although I am not in the fitness business, I have gotten some great ideas for mailers in my business from Episode 3. Interesting, well presented content that flows well. Good job connecting with your audience. Loved MJ at the end!

    • lewis

      Good show. I’m hooked man!

    • Gary Lisman

      Mizzou huh? I’m big 12 myself, graduated from OK State and now a default fan of Texas due to my wife graduating from there. I have my fingers crossed that since Miz is recruiting from TX that you’ll make the Big 12 north a little stronger 🙂

      As for the show, it was good to see examples of good and bad postcards. I’ve been guilty of going with whatever the postcard company creates, trusting that they are using a proven headline, design, etc. But I now see I should have a stronger say in the matter. The one we’re doing next week should be pretty good I hope. We’re doing a low price offer (we’re the low cost club here) that is good for a pay in full membership at $19.99/mo, but most people opt for the monthly one which is a bit higher (25/mo). Its been successful in the past. But our headline is sadly one you’ll probably not a approve of. ‘Lose weight and save money in 2010’. and a zero enrollment and a try for free coupon on the back. There is a generic picture on the front, but they could probably pass as real members.

      Sales commissions too we’ve had issues with. We have a rule where commissions can’t be higher than the down payment amount, but many times being the low cost club we run riduculous specials, like no enrollment, first 2 months free. Meaning we get no money down. The card fee is a good idea, and I plan to ask both salespeople if they would be motivated by anything other than money.

      Great show. I haven’t watched the past ones but it is on my list this weekend.

      Gary Lisman

    • I don’t have enough budget for a full time salesperson, but I do have two people who work commission only. Thanks for the good commission tips. Also I like the bad postcard section. You should do that type of comparison often. I think I and others would benefit from it.

    • Lauren

      This was very informative. I agree that seeing examples of good vs bad marketing would be beneficial, and you have a funny way of pointing out the differences 🙂

      Does anyone know any good books that discuss good marketing headlines or offers, even if it’s not fitness industry related?

      Lauren Willis

    • Shawn Randal

      Good show Curtis. I can tell you’re getting more and more comfortable each week.

      I like how you talk about some things that haven’t been introduced to our industry before. I’m tired of the same old same old. I’m sure you are too which is why you took this approach.

      Looking forward to the newest show. I don’t remember what day it comes out, but I do appreciate the reminder email. Peace.


    • Lee

      I like the show. You should be promoting this more, I just happened to run across it accidentally. This would be a good thing for more gym owners to see.

    • Great tip on the direct mail pieces! Thanks for posting that. I haven’t sent direct mail yet, but it’s good to know what to avoid and what to do!

      The YouSendIt and YouConverit are great!

    • Thanks for the website resources. I have made use of a couple already.

      Best Regards,
      Richard Hackworth

    • Tom Cepeda

      Great Show Curtis.

    • Love this stuff! Thanks for all the great tips!

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