star_3An overview of some good marketing headlines to use on your direct mail pieces (and some that aren’t so good), how to commission your sales people when you aren’t generating much in down payments, two killer resources that will make sending and converting files much easier, and a great personal training downsell program

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Health Club Marketing and Studio Marketing is actually quite simple, we just make it difficult on ourselves. With just a few tweaks to the headlines you use on your direct mail and other print marketing pieces, you can generate exponentially more response.

There are many more bad fitness marketing strategies and headlines out there than there are good. Make sure yours are effective.

Another issue plaguing the fitness industry is how to compensate fitness sales staff to keep them motivated and loyal. And if you’re already offering tons of discounts and freebies on your memberships and packages, that doesn’t leave a lot for commissions. I discuss a few ways to overcome this problem.

This week there are two Killer Resources.  I use these resources weekly and I know they will help you as well.  One helps you email large files, the other helps you convert files into formats you need.  Both very useful.

The show is wrapped up with a great personal training downsell strategy blatantly stolen from my friend Pat Rigsby. It is a special personal training coaching program that can be offered to members and prospects who decide not to invest in traditional personal training.

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