star_3An overview the 3 most important things you can do to grow your business, a great way to get affiliates and partners promoting your product, a killer resource that helps clients “stick” to their commitments, and a great way to get your fitness business recognized in your area restaurants.

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

There are three main things you should be focused on to make your fitness business more successful.  Marketing, Systems, and Action.  You must always be marketing, and using a variety of strategies, to drive new prospects through your door and to sell more to your existing clients.  You must have the systems in place to have everything run efficiently.  And you must be willing to take action.  A plan without action is worthless.  Combine these three things and you will have a much better chance of running a profitable business.

Many fitness business owners have branched out to create complementary fitness info products or physical products.  But sometimes it is difficult to get affiliates to joint venture with you or to promote your product to their list.  A few strategies are discussed.

This week’s Killer Resource is one of my favorite resources for helping clients stick to their commitments.  I think you’ll really enjoy it.

The show is wrapped up with a great strategy to get recognized on the menus of your local restaurants.  It is a great fitness marketing strategy that allows you to partner with local businesses, to be able to sponsor healthier food selections, and to drive new prospects through your door.

Let me know your opinion about the topics covered in the show this week – leave your comment below, it’s really easy to do.

Enjoy the show!

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    25 replies to "Episode 2 – Fitness Business Television"

    • I love the downsell idea;)

      Great episode again. I do disagree with one thing though…I didn’t think you’d only last for one episode.

      I was sure you’d make it to at least 2 or 3.

      However – from what I’ve seen I suspect you’ll hang around for longer than that;)

    • To Jerry who asked Curtis the question. Another tip that Curtis didn’t mention on this broadcast, but shared with me through my membership to gym (sorry Curtis if I’m giving away tips) was to begin a social network site. I set up mine with With his direction and some hard work on my part I put together a site in a short amount of time that gathered over 300 members and gained recognition on life hacker, and professional magazines and podcasts, and several other local media sources. The social network gave me the leverage I needed to get into affiliate marketing. It is one thing to approach a potential affiliate partner and share in profits. But if you show them you already have a following they may be more willing to work with you.

      If it interests you, you can see the site I quickly put up at

    • April

      Another great show Curtis.
      I use quite a bit but had never seen their other resource. I’m sure it will come in handy!

      And the nuthugger comment had me laughing out loud. Keep it up!

    • Elizabeth

      Aww, you didn’t make as many jokes this time. Don’t be getting all serious on us! I love your sense of humor so make sure you crack one of your crude jokes from time to time. (I did catch the anchor man reference 😉

      Great Great info again. I like the coaching program downsell. I’m going to have it ready to go before the 1st! Ready for episode 3 :)~


    • Caitlin

      Another great episode!!! 🙂

      I really like the “killer resource” segment. It is always nice to learn about, and be familiar with lots of different resources. I checked out the one from this episode,( and what a great recommendation!! It looks like it could really help a lot of people “stick” to their commitments!!

      I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! 🙂

    • Another good show! Keep it up.

      To help move the relationship along with eateries or any business for that matter is a Perks program where members from the club get a standing discout for patronizing their store. Cross promote and build up a partnerships throughout the community.
      60% of the time this stuff does work everytime. Am I the only one who catches this stuff.

    • curtismock

      Well it appears some of you got a sneak peek at next week’s Killer resources. StickK is this week’s killer resource, not the two others some of you got to see. So it’s a bonus week for some of you!

      Thanks for the heads up gang. See the little mistakes that are made on my side? Just when you thought I was perfect 😉

      All should be fixed now…


    • Jamie Goff

      This was great! I only saw the Stickk resource, can I still see the others or will they be there next week. I’m guessing one is since someone mentioned it above. It seems pretty cool.

      I liked your take on the recession. I’ve said that to people before. Money moves during down times. Opportunists and people who take action come out ahead while those that sit and wait for it all to be over are the ones that lose. I agree completely.

      And I cauhgt the 60% of the time joke too. Great movie, great quote, use it from time to time myself.

      Good second episode. I’m glad you added music.

    • Curtis another great show 🙂

      I was telling my PT clients about tonight and we are going to start this right away. I really love that as a trainer I can also use all the great tips you give on the show.

      I am taking up you up on the outside the box tips to start a Kelly’s approved menu items. Thanks for the great tip.

      I am really looking forward to watching your shows weekly. I made sure that I had my notebook in hand so I do not miss out on any tips. Thanks for all your hard work for this industry Curtis. Keep up the great work.

    • Great tips, resources, etc!

      So true, we need to always have multiple paths to our front doors because one size never fits all!

    • Joey

      I agree with what you say, but when I’m barely covering expenses it makes it tough to have the money move to me during the recession. I know I have to make moves and spend money to make money, but things are pretty slim here, so I’m stuck.

      I really like your show though and I ended up creating a animoto video for my wife for Christmas. It is a collection of pictures of us over the past 4 years. I plan to do it for the gym too, but I knew she would like it alot.

      I hope you have a merry christmas.

    • John Clayton

      Curtis, Great job on second show. I also noticed that you toned down the humor on this one, but I think it was important because your opening message was so important. Many gym owners struggle and it’s nothing to joke about.

      I like the Stick resource too. I’m not sure how to implement it just yet, but my trainers liked it too so we’re going to try to do something with it.

      I’m glad you showed some good and bad headlines too. I think many gym owners are great at fitness, but marketing is tough for them. So this type of information is very valuable.

      Great job, see you next week.

    • Laura Knobloch

      Great show. I like the PT coaching program idea a lot. Thanks for creating this service.

    • Sheryl

      Great show Curtis. I like Stickk a lot. I talked to two clients about it today and they both thought it sounded like fun. I’m going to be their referee and their recipient if they don’t reach their goal. THey do NOT want me to win more money from them so it should be good. I even told them if they reached their goal, dinner was on me!

      Great show!

    • For a guy that went to Mizzou you sure are smart! 😉

      Great episode, Curtis.

    • Charles

      There is no magical secret to running a business. It is a variety of things, all working together to create a successful business. I’ve always been successful and it’s because I’ve done everything systematically. If there is a script, we stick to it. If there is a marketing sequence, we follow it. If there is a new employee, they are trained in the same manner as the previous. It has worked very well for us and we now have 3 locations. None of them are unbelievably profitable, but they are all profitable, and always have been.

      I think the show is great and the information is very useful. It offers a good reminder that I am doing the right things and gives me some new ideas to implement, systematically of course.

      Good show.

    • Susan Hynes

      I didn’t get to see the training downsell. I saw the restaurant menu strategy. But I liked that idea as well.

      There are always bugs in the system when you get started. Good to see you make mistakes like the rest of us 😉

      I hope you put the training downsell on another episode soon, or allow us access to it somehow? I can use all the help I can get in the training dept.

      Susan Hynes
      Fitness for Every Body

    • Great show Curtis. I don’t mind that it’s longer. TV shows are normally 30 or 60 minutes anyway, so I kind of like that it is longer. You break the parts of the show up enough that if I don’t care for one part, I know another one is coming up in a few minutes.

      What about a success stories part of the show. Maybe highlight someone who has used your strategies and done well with them? Just an idea.

      I also submitted a question through the contact page so if you get a chance to email back I’d appreciate it.


    • Jesse

      StickK is great! I’m really excited to find out about it. What days do new Fit Biz shows come out?

    • Curtis,
      I think a 4th thing to add to your list would be to surround yourself with a good team. I’m sure you consider that part of the operations “system” but I think that having people working with you who are better than you are at certain things, it is better for your business. For example, don’t do your own website, don’t do your own taxes, don’t write your own contracts, don’t train everyone yourself, don’t do your own billing, etc. Surround yourself with people that are very good at what they do so you can focus on what you are best at.

      I really like the restaurant idea too. No one does that in this area

    • And just so you know, I had to submit that post like 3 times to get it to stick. Not sure why. but thought you’d want to know

    • shelly

      You know whats funny is that the 3 things you mentioned that are most important are the 3 things I have the most trouble with. I’m not a good natural marketer, I’m not a systematic person, and many times I take action, but I take action on the easy items on my list and keep putting off the big things.

      I guess that’s not funny, its sad bc I assume many others are the same way. In fact, I can’t think of any 3 things that I’m worse at than those 3. I guess heading into the new year, that is what I should be focusing on huh?

      Great show. Very eye opening stuff

    • Rachael

      This is awesome..nothing like this…

    • I agree completely with your outlook on what it means to be marketing. In this economy it is important to be marketing as many ways as possible.

      Best Regards,
      Richard Hackworth

    • Tom Cepeda

      Killer Resources! Oh yeah.

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