You and I both know that we don’t have unlimited amounts of cash.
If we did, we certainly wouldn’t be banging our heads against the walls
of our gym to think of ways to make ends meet…Nope…we’d be in Fiji 
enjoying all of our riches, being fed grapes and getting a foot rub.

But reality sets in and you realize that the budget you do have for
marketing, must be spent wisely.  Here are three low budget strategies
that are working well for us right now.

Fitness Giftcards

I looked in my car yesterday and counted my stack of giftcards.  I 
have 19 unused giftcards.  Starbucks, Target, a wine store, 
McDonalds (thanks Grandma), Best Buy, GNC, and many others.

Why do I still have these?  Because I can’t throw them away!

We have been using giftcards in our gyms, and selling giftcards to
our clients for over a year now.  And they work.  Nearly 50% of all of 
our new membership sales are being attributed to these gift cards.

They’re inexpensive, they can be used a dozen different ways, and 
your prospects will find it very hard to throw out a plastic card that 
has the look and feel of a credit card (with mag stripe on the back) 
and a dollar denomination on the front.  Referrals, Prospecting, 
Renewals, Profit Centers, Expired members, Events, Face to Face,
you name it, these things are super powerful.

Business of the Month

We love using this system.  When a direct mail piece falls on its
face, or we are running into a lot of cold leads and ineffective 
follow ups, focusing on area businesses has worked really well
for us over the past year.

When you visit a local business, don’t just drop off a stack of
flyers or gift cards, make it “bigger” than that.

Stop in and introduce yourself to the manager or owner.  Let them
know you want to feature them as the business of the month to all 
of your members.  (Note: you’re doing something for them before 
you ask them to do something for you). Feature them on your wall,
in your new member welcome packet, send out an email advocating 
them, etc. (I’ll bet they’ll hook your members up with a % off sale)

Then let them know that during their month, all of their employees 
get to work out for free, no obligations.  Then you can provide them
temporary membership cards, a gift card, a redeemable coupon, etc

When those employees come in, make sure you have an irresistible 
offer ready for them.  The goal in any “trial” membership is to flip
them into a sale, the sooner the better.  So come up with a WOW
offer that will be tough for them to turn down, and turn all of these 
employees of your business of the month, into paying members.

You stay classy San Diego…

Curtis Mock