As you know, I just moved to California a month ago.  Shortly after I got here I joined the 24 Hour Fitness that is just up the street from me.  Well we recently secured office space, which is conveniently in a building with a small gym on the lower level.

So I thought it convenient to be able to grab a quick workout there when I need a 15 minute break or for on those rare mornings that I feel motivated to exercise early in the day (note: that is very rare…okay who am I kidding, it will never happen)

Anyway, I go into the gym and ask the guy at the front desk about membership options for people in the building.  He told me about all of them, all of which included long term commitments…which considering I have the 24 Hour Fitness commitment, I told him I preferred a per visit drop in or something month to month.

He said they don’t have a punch card, and don’t sell drop in fees and DON’T offer a month to month option.  I asked if I could pay for one month…the answer was no.

I said “Let me get this straight…The ONLY way I can work out here is to commit to a one or two year term?”


Interestingly, I had my wallet out and in my hand since I figured I’d be buying something.  At this point in the conversation I was more intrigued than anything to learn why he wouldn’t take my money.  So I kept pestering for the amusement of my newsletter and blog readers 🙂

Me: “So I have money in my hand, and you won’t take it”  (note: my tone was very sarcastic and condescending 😉

The moron:  “If you want to sign a contract I will”

Me:  “What if I paid you $30 per visit?”  (keep in mind the monthly membership was only $30)

The moron:  “Nope”

Me:  “Are you the manager?”

The moron:  (Now busying himself on the computer to hopefully get me to leave) “Nope, he’s not here”

Me:  “Would he approve of you refusing my money?”

The moron:  “Yes”

Me:  “You sure man?  I have money right now that I’d like to pay you if you have any other options”

The moron:  “We don’t…sorry”

So now I ask you…what would you have done in this situation?  Do you take the money and get me to try it out?  Do you let me workout that day to experience it so maybe I’ll be convinced to pay for one of your membership options?  Or do you stick to your policy and let me leave?

Trust me, I understand and advocate the need for structure and policy, but I feel if someone wants to work out, you need to find a way for it to happen.  Once they’re a member, at any level, they are likely to buy more services.  Especially since I work in the building and can walk down each day for a protein shake or bar, or any number of add-on sales.

Do you bend?  Or do you stick to your guns knowing I’m going to take my cash to your competitor?