star_3In this week’s episode I share with you a tiny mistake you are probably making and how you can immediately save hundreds of dollars a month from fixing it, I’ve got a Killer Resource that happens to be my absolute favorite press release site…and it turns out Google loves it too.  And I’m going to discuss with you one of my favorite offers to make heading into the summer months that has generated thousands of memberships for our clubs.

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Who doesn’t love saving money?  I see no one raised their hands.  We like saving money almost as much as we like MAKING MONEY!  Well I’ve got a fun little tip for you that could save you hundreds of dollars a month with your thermostat!  That’s right, your thermostat…

Press releases are very powerful, both in print locally and online.  The big difference is that online press releases don’t really have to say anything special, and they certainly don’t have to be written well…they just need to be posted….along with a few keywords that I talk about on this week’s Killer Resource segment of the show.

Summertime.  A time of flip flops, bikinis (meow), and unfortunately slow sales.  I have one marketing message that has proven time and time again, year after year, to generate consistent membership sales during the month of June.  You’ll want to watch this!

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