If you’re using Facebook the correct way, you know that it continues to be a game changer for your fitness business. However, I’m sure you’ve noticed this past year that the number of people who actually see your posts has decreased significantly. And by significantly, I mean the vast majority of your posts are never seen. It sucks.

Facebook has a formula that they have decided is best, and now very few people who have already liked your page will ever get to see your posts. Facebook “Reach” is what they call it and it is simply the number of people who actually get your posts on their news feed.

And Reach has been consistently being reduced by Facebook these past two years.

Why is Reach decreasing?

First of all, there are nearly 20 million businesses trying to get prospects’ attention on Facebook. It would be impossible for every business to reach every “Liker”, so Facebook has limited the number of posts that make it to their newsfeed.

Secondly, and most importantly, Facebook is a business…a business with shareholders who want a return on their investment. Their revenue is primarily generated by ad sales to businesses to provide them better Reach.

So guess what? You have to pay to get more eyeballs on your posts. But you can see why it is necessary for FB to do this. There is limited space in everyone’s feed and FB wants people to show them things they’ll like most. So if you want more people to see what you have to say, be prepared to pay. BUT, there are a few things you can do to improve your reach without spending a dime.

How do you increase reach?

1. Add a little more pizzazz to your posts. Add a photo or video. Write posts that create interaction, Liking, and Sharing among your audience.

2. Post at the right time. You can see when most of your Likers are online by looking at your “Facebook Insights” found under the Pages tab at the top of your analytics dashboard. Some people argue that non-peak times are best to post, but I would also argue that first thing in the morning would be a good time as 80% of people check their phone as soon as they wake up. Another time might be dinner/TV time as this is the prime Facebook time for many users. You’ll have to test to see what is best for you. Just remember, once a post has been live for more than 30 minutes, it’s reach is almost non-existent, so time your best posts accordingly.

3. Provide valuable and entertaining information in your posts, and try not to post promotional or salesy posts too often. If your post is meant to get a sale, expect it to not show up in everyone’s news feed. I like using promotional posts and selling things, but you’ll have to pay to boost any promotional posts, and force Facebook to show it to your Likers.

4. Post more often. I go to some gyms’ FB pages and they haven’t posted in a few weeks. Facebook rewards those who post more often. If you’re a heavy user, your posts will be seen more often because you will likely have more people interested. Shameless Plug: If you want us to post something every day for you, check out our fitness marketing software. (The software will also sync your website content to your Facebook page, which will get more eyeballs on your content).

5. Ask questions with choices. For example: If you could only choose one form of exercise, would it be A) Cardio, B) Strength training, C) Group Classes. If you ask a simple choice question, or a yes/no question, you will get more people commenting on your post. People LOVE to give their opinion.

Those 5 strategies should get you started toward better reach.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even if you implement these 5 strategies, your Reach is still never going to be all that great for your gym’s Facebook page. Facebook wants your advertising dollars. Period.

But the thing is, that it’s worth it to pay Facebook for advertising. Whether it be to boost an organic post on your page or to run an ad campaign, Facebook advertising is targeted to your specific audience and IT WORKS.

For now, just focus on improving the interaction and visibility of your non-paid organic posts by following the five strategies above.

And when you’re ready, go here to learn more about our Facebook ad service