So the number one secret to continuous profits is…drumroll please…

Set Daily Goals

Aw come on Curtis, I wanted a real strategy not a boring generic one. Well guess what, if you skip this strategy, you might as well skip all of the strategies I share because this is the foundation for profits each month.

And it’s so easy I can show you how to do it in two steps…

1. Determine how much you want to make each month

The way I do this is to add 5% to whatever our sales were in the same month last year.

2. Divide this number by the number of working days that month

So if you did 20,000 in sales last June. This June you’ll set a monthly goal of (20,000 x 1.05) = $21,000. That is your monthly goal. Then you’ll divide that by the number of working days in June (21,000 / 26) = $807

So your daily goal for sales is $807 in this scenario.

Each day you will recalculate. So let’s say on “day one” you gross $1,400. That means at the end of the day you will subtract 1,400 from $21,000 which leaves you with $19,600 remaining to reach your goal for June.

Then divide 19,600 by the number of remaining working days in June (25)

(19,600 / 25) = $784

So now your daily goal for the remainder of the month is $784

You can write this on a board in the office so everyone knows the number that has to be reached.

I promise you this is the number one way to always make sure your goals are reached each and every month. By keeping this number fresh in your mind each day, it keeps you focused on that goal throughout the day.

Your entire team needs to understand that something needs to be sold every day, and they must be reminded how their actions are helping the overall mission of the business.

Make this week amazing…

Curtis Mock