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Inside The Fitness Marketing Zone you’ll have access to hundreds of strategies to market your fitness business. And these aren’t some cookie-cutter strategies that you might find in a magazine or blog post. We hold your hand and walk you through each module and provide you the resources necessary to implement each strategy.

We present the best and most cutting edge strategies used today — While making sure to include many tried and true traditional fitness marketing strategies as well. Hundreds of marketing strategies, all laid out in an easy to understand, easy to follow format, ready for you to utilize right away. Implement a few, implement all, whichever strategies you decide you want to use to generate new business, they are ready for you to swipe and deploy.

Call it “almost” done-for-you, call it paint by numbers, call it plug and play, call it whatever you want…the point is we have made it easy to implement every strategy you’ll find in the members area of the Fitness Marketing Zone.

Members Have Unlimited Access to Everything

  • Marketing Modules

    Everything you need to implement each fitness marketing strategy. A video overview, a step-by-step completion plan, and all of the done-for-you resources you need to be able to implement.

  • Video Archive

    Recordings of our workshops, guest speakers, strategy videos and more.  This is a powerful collection of video trainings to help you run a more profitable fitness business.

  • Audio Archive

    A collection of our podcasts, expert interviews, how-to tutorials, musings and other audio recordings full of fitness marketing strategies you can listen to and implement right away.

  • Download Library

    Here you’ll find everything from editable flyers and phone scripts to spreadsheets and staff training resources. Every resource our staff and contributors have ever created can be found here.

  • Killer Resources

    Video overviews of awesome under-the-radar tools and resources available on the web and in the world to help you run a more automated and efficient fitness business.

  • More to Come!

    The Zone will evolve over time and will include many more powerful features and resources to help you grow your fitness business.  As a member, you’ll have access to everything.

New Marketing Strategies and Modules Uploaded Weekly!

Our goal is for you to NEVER run out of ways to market your fitness business
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If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you can imagine how many marketing strategies I’ve collected and created over the years.  I’ve recently decided to take every marketing strategy I’ve ever learned, taught, or implemented and put each into an easy-to-follow format in the member area of the Fitness Marketing Zone.

I’ve recruited some of the most successful fitness industry experts as well as past gym owner clients and friends to create content for you as well.  Combined we have enough strategies to keep you busy generating leads for a long, long, long time.  I know you'll love being a member of The Fitness Marketing Zone and I can't wait to see you on the inside!

Curtis Mock Curtis Mock
Founder, Fitness Marketing Group

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Here are a few of the many modules you'll have access to in the member area...

Facebook Retargeting Made Simple

Have you ever noticed how a particular ad will follow you around Facebook?  How did Facebook find out that you were interested in that product?" It's not as difficult as you think!  Learn how to have your own ads follow your perfect prospects on Facebook.

Your Competitor's Twitter Followers

There is a little-known sneaky way to target the Twitter followers of all of your competitors.  If they like your competition, they'll love you!  They just need to learn more about you.  This is a great strategy to help grow your reach on Twitter.

Irresistible Offers to Grow Your List

Your email list of prospects and members is your most important marketing and sales tool. Use our done-for-you headlines and opt-in forms to grow your email prospect list, generate leads, and build more awareness for your fitness business.

Here Are Some More Modules Already Uploaded and Waiting for You to Implement...

  • How to Successfully Increase Your Rates
  • Implement an Exit Survey to Save More Canceling Members
  • How to Use Hashtags Correctly and Effectively on Social Media
  • How to Create a "Wall of Fame" in Your Gym to Increase Loyalty
  • What to Do When You Get a Negative Yelp Review
  • How to Run an Effective Lunch & Learn with Local Businesses
  • Create a Lookalike Facebook Audience
  • How to Implement a Successful Transformation Contest
  • How to Attract Personal Trainers Who Will Remain Loyal to You
  • And Many Many More...

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The Fitness Marketing Zone contains detailed fitness marketing strategies and everything you need to implement.  Inside the member area, we pull back the curtain on the topics, tactics, and strategies that don’t show up in industry magazines and public blog posts of industry gurus.

For example, let’s say you want to run a referral/canned food drive campaign during the holidays. You’ll need a checklist of everything you need to run the promotion, phone scripts for your staff, flyers to distribute, press releases to send to local media, a three-part email series to send to your list, cut and paste content to put on your Facebook page, and other resources to make sure it is easy to implement. You'll find all of that included within the module.

Joining the Zone is like having your own personal never-ending library of every marketing strategy you could ever use to promote your fitness business. As a member, you will never run out of ways to generate leads and build your fitness business.