Martin Little

“Let me tell you about Curtis Mock….I have been acquainted with Curtis for 4 years now. We have never met face to face, however I refer to him happily to anyone as my friend as well as a business associate. He happens to be 18 years younger than myself, but I will stand here, gladly and honestly tell you face to face and eye to eye that he has helped me improve my gym business more in the 4 years with that young knowledge than I have done myself in the previous 15. That’s not BS. If someone can help me that much, I am not too proud to accept that help. I opened my gym way back in 1981 because I loved working out, not because I was a business genius. I’m still not, but I still love working out as much as I did back in 1981. So if you’re a club owner out there, and you’d really like to learn how to do things better, and run your hobby and passion more like a business, I would strongly encourage setting your pride aside and giving him a call.”

Pat Rigsby

Fitness Industry Rockstar



“When it comes to learning how to build your health club business and make it more profitable – Curtis Mock is simply one of the best in the industry. With his unique business building ideas and guerrilla marketing strategies, Curtis is fast becoming the name profitable health club owners rely on. All you have to do is look at some of the products and services he offers and you will understand just how good he is. If you are serious about building your fitness business – get to know Curtis. He is fast becoming the next generation of new ideas in the business!”

Art McDermott

Matrix Strength


Patty002“I own two locations of a very well known women’s fitness chain. I have been frustrated by the lack of marketing support and the ineffective type of promotions suggested by this franchiser. Curtis Mock takes his own time to provide down to earth advice about issues such as retention, and ways to promote using free or very low cost avenues. He has and is providing me more support to survive (and grow) than my parent company. I think it helps that he has been down in the trenches with the rest of us instead of sitting in an office in a suit. Please keep the good advice coming!”

Patty Roth
Bolivar, Ohio
Todd Lowder

Fitness Quest

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“About 5 or 6 years ago, I met Curtis Mock at an industry convention. That evening, Curtis shared with me how he helps health clubs with their marketing campaigns, whether it be to promote new business or for a huge Grand Opening of a new club. I found the way he did things to be incredibly interesting and actually a little unorthodox. When I got back to Phoenix ( a place that I consider to be on the cutting edge of technologies and practices in our industry), I started asking around about how other people handle their marketing strategies and what they do to market to new clients. Just as I thought, Curtis was very unorthodox in his ways because NO one was doing what he was- and with my lack of knowledge, I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I just knew it was out of the box thinking that many didn’t follow suit with.”

“Over the years, I continued to watch and follow Curtis on his mission to change our industry and he is not only changing it, but leading it into a new dimension. For those of you who don’t know Curtis, just Google his name and there you will be able to educate yourself for hours on all of his accomplishments. By accomplishments- I mean what he has done for our industry- because you will never see anything about him. He is someone who doesn’t care about title or recognition. He gets his drive from simply helping others succeed. By helping them succeed, our industry succeeds and then we are all successful in changing lives every day through health and fitness. After all, that’s why we got into this business… to make a difference in the lives of others.”

“What impresses me most about Curtis is….. As industry professionals, experts and authors, many are so guarded to keep what they know so close to their vest because they are the experts and don’t want to give away all their secrets to success. Curtis is the exact opposite! He will not only tell you what he does, but detail out for you how you can do it yourself. That is an amazingly rare quality! His relentless passion for what he does, and his unconventional way of thinking has gotten him exactly where he is today. So many more amazing things are on the horizon for Curtis, as well as for our industry. And because of his unselfish efforts in changing the way we do, see and look at our own practices, the health and fitness industry is emerging into a whole new way of life and business owners all over the world are now following suit and asking the question, what’s next? Thank you for all you have done Curtis, you are truly an inspiration for us all!”

Jennifer Graffice

Q life corp.

Tyler English and Rob English … aka “Da Broz”

Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camps


“Curtis Mock can give you a distinct advantage over any competition you have in the health club business. He gets the job done and then some. I’m so happy we work with him and his group and I don’t hesitate to send other club owners who are looking for additional life or spark in their club’s sales in their direction – as long as that club isn’t in our market! :). Curtis Mock has worked magic for many a club, and will for many more!”

AJ Roberts

Fitness Internet Marketing Pimp

rogerd“In just one tip I learned from Curtis, even with minimal effort, I generated nearly $5,000 in add-on revenue in one week. I’m going to try it again at Christmas but this time I am going to do much more advertising. I should have trusted Curtis and went for it right away! Keep sending out the great ideas!”

Roger Duchon

Champion Fitness

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“If you’re serious about getting your fitness business to the next level, you’ve got to change with the times. Curtis Mock is one of the industry leaders who can show you how. Curtis is always delivering leading edge ideas in an entertaining format.”

Bob Sisk and Allan Boushie

Profit Partners

Jim Labadie

ProGrade Nutrition

Scott Colby

Her Strength Fitness


“I had the pleasure of first talking to Curtis over the phone in January 2009 and was immediately impressed by how personable he is. I then was able to meet him in person a few months later at a fitness conference and out of the 3 days that I attended the conference, I learned more from Curtis in a 10 minute conversation than I did from all of the classes that I attended. Curtis has the ability to think outside the box, take a proven idea or marketing strategy and tweak it just enough to keep it fresh and up to date with our ever changing economic times. You cannot put a price on his services. Curtis is invaluable.”

Kevin and Kristen Harvey

Scenic City Adventure Boot Camp


“Fitness Business TV is just what the fitness industry needs to get motivated, learn and grow in a modern, fresh and fun way. It’s also a great way to get the team involved and they’ll actually want to watch it. Opposed to when you ask them to read information, which they usually find boring. Curtis has a wonderful sense of humor, he is larger than life, and has a ton of experience in marketing and business development in health clubs. The most important reason I love the guy is that he is extremely passionate about the development and growth of the health club and fitness industry. All owners, managers, membership and health club teams need to pay attention to Curtis and watch this show!”

Amanda Bracks-TaylorChanging Lives Author, Business Development

Consultant and Health Club Manager, Australia

Bracks Consulting


“Curtis Mock is a man’s man, a true American hero in my eyes! In all seriousness Curtis has helped my business make huge leaps forward over the past several months that we have known each other. His passion for his work is superseded only in his drive and determination to help you achieve the results and the life that you want from your business. A few small tips from Curtis implemented on a regular basis will generate your business with tens of thousands of dollars at the bare minimum.”

“I can’t wait for his FitBiz TV show to take off so that I can one day be sitting on the couch living my boring life and point to the screen and tell my future children that I personally know the handsome man on TV. Curtis Mock is an American icon!”

Ryan Ketchum
“Curtis Mock brings a sense of energy and enthusiasm—as well as a thorough knowledge of updated and targeted marketing methods—to his presentations at Club Industry. He cuts to the chase and delivers a clear message that helps his audience deconstruct their tired approach and move on to genuinely effective new ways of promoting their facilities.”

Stacey Orlick
Club Industry Conference