Formulations, Guidelines and Safety

Your nutrition software uses published formulations recognized by the National Institute of Health. We have provided these references for your awareness and safety.

Formulations & Guidelines
Source – Wikipedia
Basal Metabolic Rate Calculation Method

Source – National Institute of Health
Predictive equations for resting metabolic rate in healthy nonobese and obese adults.

Source – National Institute of Health
Nutrient Recommendations: Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI)

Your Safety
This application is not meant to treat disease of any kind nor replace the expert advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Your account may be monitored by a licensed dietitian or board-certified physician. If you are unsure, please contact your plan provider for further information.

Before starting any new exercise or nutrition program, you should always consult your licensed physician to insure you are in adequate health and condition to avoid potential side effects or unforeseen complications. A sudden change in your dietary habits may lead to complications if a medical condition exists.

Nutrition and Dietary Contributors
Senior Director – Health Advisory Board
Suzanne Fisher MS, RD, LDN

Director – Health Advisory Board
Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN LD