A special thanks to Adam Bogar and Taylor Jarvis of Dynamic Training and Fit Escape Boot Camps for sharing this great strategy.  They typically sell 50 units from this Valentine’s Day promotion.

This promotion assumes you have massage or some type of spa treatment at your facility.  You could try this by bundling personal training along with it, but I don’t know many of our significant others who would appreciate “Happy Valentine’s Day…maybe you should go work out”

If you don’t have spa or massage or some other wellness related service, then skip to the bottom of this blog post for an idea on how you can still pull this off….PLUS a cool bonus gift you can give to your clients that they will LOVE.

This is a simple, low cost strategy that can be marketed to your current patient list via email, a letter mail out, or flyers/handouts/signs at your facility

Here is what you offer as your Valentines Day Package:

A 45 Minute Massage and a Bouquet of flowers that is delivered to recipients door on Valentines Day, complete with a custom card, and gift card for other services at your facility.

Who wouldn’t love a massage treatment and flowers delivered to their door?  And best of all, you’re saving your member the time and trouble of going out and doing the shopping themselves.  (Now that I have all of the mens attention)

What You Need:

Find a local florist that offers delivery on Valentines Day with minimal or low cost, that can supply bouquet of flowers and let you add a custom letter or gift card to the bouquet. Get your clients and members to pre-order this with you, so that you can provide the florist with all of the orders at once, along with your customized cards and giftcards.

Many will even offer you a special rate (yes, even on Valentine’s day) because you’ll be sending them traffic that they didn’t have to spend marketing dollars on, making the bottom line profit the same.

The Pricing:

For the Valentines Day Bouquet and Massage package, go for a price point around $129.  Your market, may be slightly higher or lower. Remember, the customer that is buying this is also buying for the convenience of them not having to go shopping for V-Day.  You can also sweeten the pot by offering the purchaser a free 30 minute PT session or a $25 gift card for themselves.

The Upsell:

This is where you can make some extra money.  You’re certainly not going to make bank off of $129.  Even if you do sell 50 of these, the cost of flowers, your time, and the actual cost of the massage you’re not looking at much margin.  You should have plenty of upsells and downsells you already use daily, so you’ll just follow that same strategy.  Adam and Taylor have had success with upsells such as:

  • An extra 30 Minutes of Massage for an additional $2
  • A Facial for $17 An Acupuncture Treatment for $47
  • An Accupuncture Treatment for $47
  • A Chiropractic Exam For $57

If you can reach their same magic number of 50 units sold, you’ll get some good immediate cash, you’ll get some solid upsell revenue…and even more importantly, you’re positioning yourself as indispensable to your members and clients by going above and beyond to make their lives better and easier.  AND when you get their significant others into the gym you have the opportunity to sell them fitness as well!

What if you don’t have spa, massage, or wellness offerings?

Well first, you can always partner with a massage therapist and get them to give you a killer deal on 45-minute massages.  They may even provide them to you for free just so they can have access to some of your members with expendable income to experience their services.  Then pick up the giftcards or certificates from them before you contact the florist.


This is probably best for your boot campers, training clients, or clients who spend more money with you…probably not for a general gym member necessarily because there is a bit of cost on your part.  So perhaps it’s best as a special reward for those who are willing to invest more in you.

Go to www.MagMyPic.com.  Some of you may remember this as one of my Killer Resources from Fit Biz TV where I put myself on the cover of a magazine.  My mother was very proud of this.

Right now they have some Valentine’s day themes you can create for your members.  Or put them on a funnier, non-VDay magazine.  The point is that for $2.65 they will print your member’s picture on the cover of the magazine and mail them a framed version!

How much fun would it be to present your clients a framed picture of them on the cover of:

  •     Sexy Beast Magazine
  •     Nerd of the Year Magazine
  •     Muscle Magazine
  •     Model Magazine
  •     Sexy Magazine
  •     Teen Diva Magazine
  •     The Incredible Bulk Magazine
  •     Power Team Magazine

They will love this, and they will love YOU for thinking of them!

Just go on your clients Facebook pages and download your favorite embarrassing picture of them and use it for a magazine cover.  $2.65 later and they’re getting a framed version of their own magazine.  Have them shipped to you so you can present it to them.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!