My good friends and clients Adam Bogar and Taylor Jarvis sent me this great Halloween fitness marketing strategy that has worked well for them in the past.

They use the giftcards from like crazy in their business, claiming that the cards have singlehandedly been the key to their success (true story). Well for Halloween they attach their gift cards to fun size bags of candy and provide candy to their bootcampers and members to distribute at their homes for trick-or-treaters!

They’ll announce over the weekend for their members to save their money and instead of buying their own candy, they tell them to stop by the gym to pick up candy they’ve already purchased for them to give to the kids.  Each bag of candy has attached to it a giftcard to their gym.

Not only do the kids get their candy, parents get something!  How memorable will you be when someone actually thinks of the parents at Halloween.  I think it’s a fantastic idea and I love the creativity they’re using with the cards.

Here is a picture of their surplus they’re giving to members….Happy Halloween!