The tour is the perfect opportunity to convince a prospect to become a member of your club.  Unfortunately, when done incorrectly, it’s also a great way to lose a sale.

I want to begin by saying that there is no “perfect” tour.  However, based on my experience, here are some tips that will give you the greatest opportunity to close more sales.

First of all, the tour strategies mentioned below require a proper tour setup, consisting of a strong greeting and prequalification.  Your greeting should make the prospect feel that they are the most important person in the world at that moment.  In addition, a prequalification form should be used every time, without exception.  By filling out a prequalification form, not only will it help provide you ammunition to overcome any objections they have, it also allows you some conversation points to get them to know you, like you, and trust you.

I like to start each tour by letting the prospect know that when the tour is finished, you have a special opportunity for them.  This lets them know that you will be asking them to join today, eliminating any surprise when you do.

Don’t give the same tour to every prospect.  Based on their prequalification form, you’ll know what interests them the most.  If they say they’re interested in getting stronger, don’t start by showing them the cardio equipment.  If they say they’re interested in classed, don’t take them to the free weights.  Every tour should start in the area in which they will be most interested.  If you don’t, they won’t be able to focus on the other great aspects of your facility because they’ll be waiting to see the amenities they are looking for most.

Ask a lot of questions that stimulate a YES response.  Questions like “It’s a nice facility isn’t it?”, and “We have lots of classes, don’t we?”, and “I assume your spouse supports your decision to improve your health?”.  The idea is to get them to say yes as many times as possible so that you create a pattern of positive responses, causing them to say yes when you present prices as well.  Always remember that telling is not selling.  You need to stimulate the prospect’s thought process and get them to tell you the reasons they are at your facility.  If you tell them, it won’t influence their decision.  But when they decide for themselves and verbalize it to you, your chance of selling to them increases exponentially.

After you have finished touring the facility, you will ask one final commitment question, which will provide the perfect transition to the price presentation. This question will allow you to gain a final commitment that will remain fresh in their mind before you present prices.  Ask questions such as, “You’re going to like it here, don’t you think?”, or “You can picture yourself working out here, can’t you?”, or “The facility has everything you need to meet your goals doesn’t it?”

You want to make them feel as if they have already made a commitment to a membership. If they do have any concerns or questions, pause on the floor and address all questions before presenting prices. Once all objections are satisfied, ask them to have a seat so you can help them decide which membership option is best for them.

The tour is typically the area where a sale is won or lost. By controlling the conversation and asking a series of questions, your tour can easily take half an hour. No matter the size of your facility, a tour should never take less than 10 minutes. They have likely toured other facilities, so make sure your tour is the most memorable. They need to feel that your club is the answer to all of their problems.

Remember, there is no perfect tour process, but if you implement these strategies and are genuine in your approach, you will find that the sale will be made long before you present prices.