Here’s a great promotion you can send to your existing members and clients. It’s a quick way to fill a bootcamp class or get a few people in a group training program.

It’s called “Drop a Dress Size”, and as the name implies, you’ll be targeting women who want to drop at least one dress size in one month.

This idea isn’t new, but it’s very effective. Some of Pat Rigsby’s bootcamp clients had great success with this, and I remember Casey Conrad promoted something similar to this years ago. It works.


First you’ll want to structure the program. This is easy. If you already have a bootcamp program in place, dedicate a bootcamp time slot to this group, OR allow the women in this program the ability to drop in on any bootcamp class they want through through the week.

If you don’t have an available time slot or don’t have bootcamp programming established yet, set up the Drop a Dress Size program a group training opportunity.

Pick a time slot or two, depending on how many people you get into this program, and have the women meet together. Having them go through the program is important, because they will hold each other accountable to the program and motivate each other.

The program itself can be nothing different than what you would do during a normal group training session. That’s the beauty of this. You’ve identified a niche group of women who share the same desire. To drop at least one dress size in a month. If they come to their group training session two or three times per week, I guarantee they’ll drop at least one size.

You’ll also include some type of meal plan or health shopping list and your guidelines on what they should eat during the 4 weeks. Don’t make this overwhelming. Just a few changes to their eating habits along with the 2-3x per week exercise routine will help them lose that size. You can also have them keep a food journal, and even offer discounts on supplements during the program. (They’ll of course want to continue buying at full price after the program)


I would price this program at somewhere between $79 and $149…wherever you feel your clients’ sweet spot is. If you set this up for 3x per week for one hour, your trainer will have spent a total of 12 hours this month during the program with them. Let’s assume you promote this at $99 for the program and you have 10 people purchase, that’s $1,000. If you split this with your trainer, they make $500…or $42/hour. Not too shabby. You’ll also want to promote this as a 100% mo’ney back guarantee. (They of course need to come at least twice per week and keep a food journal in order to get the refund) Any woman who comes at least twice per week and monitors their food intake will lose a dress size.


The thing to remember is that there are now 10 women who have experience the program, have dropped a dress size, have made some new friends, and now understand how important it is to invest in their health. The overall point of this program is to get these women to buy personal training, bootcamp, or group training after 30 days. It’s a much easier sale for your trainers if the prospect just paid for the program and lost weight and have a peer group that is going to continue also. Or you could simply offer the program again to this group of women wanting to continue. “Drop ANOTHER Dress Size in 30 days”


To promote the program, I would focus on placing signage throughout the facility, send emails, make phone calls, have your front desk discuss the program with every woman who checks in for a workout, and if budget allows, send a letter to your existing women members.

We implemented this program in several facilities over the summer and had great success (This worked really well in a women-only facility also). I know you’ll have success with it as well.