Here is a list of low-cost, no-cost grassroots fitness marketing strategies you can begin using to help make sure this upcoming first quarter is a huge success.  A few have been used for a long time in our industry, but I’m sure there will be one or two that will stand out as strategies you should use.  If you can implement these strategies consistently, you will generate new members.  It just takes time as well as a commitment to integrating yourself more into your community.  Have fun!

  • Marketing to area businesses: Payroll stuffers, set up a table, email blasts, etc.
  • Business of the Month: Encourage/bribe local employees to sign up
  • Fax to Chamber of Commerce members: Only if you are a member yourself
  • Area Colleges: Student mailboxes, presentations to fraternities/sororities, etc.
  • Apartment Complexes: Put flyers in their welcome packets, sponsor a breakfast
  • Community Functions: Trade shows, silent auctions, health fairs, college orientation
  • Car Flyers: Make sure you ask permission if you are on private property!
  • Call Trial Members: See how their workouts are going and remind them about referral program
  • Can Food Drive: Partner with local food pantry and receive free publicity
  • Newspaper Ad: A $5 bill for the first 50 people who come in for a tour on Saturday!
  • Bar Promotion: Collect names and numbers, one free membership at midnight
  • Sporting Event Promotion: Same strategy as bar promotion
  • Senior Citizen Events: Perhaps an early-bird membership special for the slower times
  • Partner with Restaurants: Bring in a receipt from the Taco House for ½ off enrollment
  • Auto Dealers: Free trial membership with every test drive
  • Bridal Shops: Special 12-Week Bridal Bootcamp program
  • Bandit signs: small signs stuck in the ground at busy intersections near your club
  • Pizza Partnership: Tape coupons to pizza boxes, offer management free membership
  • Online Leads: Offer a free report or trial pass on website, then follow up with emails
  • Large Announcement Banner: Month of May Free for all Colorado Springs Residents!
  • Fish Bowls: Similar to lead boxes; Drop business card here to receive trial membership
  • Community Seminars: Free health seminars and screenings to increase traffic
  • Hold Parties: Have members bring friends, announce on radio, free food/beer
  • Newsletter: Bribe your members, “Free nutritional analysis for membership referral”
  • New member referrals: New members are excited and want to refer…just ask!

Remember, the key to successfully reaching new prospects is to utilize many of these strategies simultaneously.  Use several of these fitness marketing strategies consistently and you will begin to attract many people in your community you would not have reached through traditional marketing methods.

Do you have a favorite that is not on this list?  Do you have questions about implementing any of these?  Be sure to leave your comments below!