We all know the power of referrals.

And we all know the power of a limited time only sale.

What if we combine the two?

Try this:

Run a limited opportunity offer for the first 10 people who bring in a referral by Monday at end of business, you will give them _________.

Now make sure that “fill in the blank” prize is AWESOME.  Instead of the boring one month free, give them 3 months free.  Or give them $50 cold hard cash for drinking money for the weekend.

Make it a very limited offer.

“Special Referral Offer!”

The next 10 people who bring in a friend who joins, you will receive 3 MONTHS FREE!

This offer is limited to 10 members only and the offer ends on Monday.  So please send your friend, family member, co-worker in this weekend, we’ll give them their first month free, and we’ll give you 3 months for free.  Hurry!!

Or similar.

Post a sign in the lobby, signs over the urinals, the water fountain, tell every member who checks in over the next few days, call all new members who have signed up within the last 30 days (this group is normally good for a referral or two in their first month)

You put urgency into it with a deadline, you put limited availability into it with only 10 available, and you bribe the hell out of them with 3x the incentive you normally give.

You can also tell your members that if they don’t have time to contact their friends, that they can write down the contact info of anyone they want at the front desk and you’ll call on their behalf.  If one of their friends signs up, they get 3 months.  If 4 of their friends sign up, they get one year free.

I also think you should look back at your referral records and make a list of everyone who has referred at least one new member over the past year.  Call them and tell them that because they have referred in the past, you wanted them to get a head start on the other members and to make sure they get one of the 10 deals.

Now you might be saying, “But Curtis, 3 months is too many?  And to give a year away for free??? Are you insane????”

Well first, my shrink says I’m doing much better.  Second…wouldn’t you give up 3 months of dues to get 12?  And wouldn’t you give up 12 months of dues to get 48?  Of course.  So just make sure you only give the special to members whose referrals sign up for a minimum of one-year…which is what I’m hoping you are presenting anyway.

And you’re only running the special for a few days.  And don’t forget your hottest prospects are your new members who sign up during the event.  When you tour them or show them the prices, make sure to tell them they have 3 days to refer as many friends as possible and they’ll receive 3 months for each, no limits.  So if someone says, “the price is just too high”…You get to say, refer one friend this weekend and I’ll reduce your overall cost by 25%.

Pretty cool right?

Do you have any other thoughts to make this strategy better?  Or do you have a strategy that could also generate memberships in just a few days?  We’d love to know, so please leave a comment below!

Curtis Mock