star_3In this week’s episode I share with you one of our viewers experience trying the peanut butter, eggs, and peas casserole I challenged you guys to try at home.   I’m going to discuss what to say on your postcards and other print marketing to make sure you get the best response, I’ve got a killer resource that helps save you time by never having to be on hold with the phone company or cable company or any company ever again, and I’m going to talk about the importance of role playing, and why you should be using it to train your staff.

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Finally, you get to meet my dog MJ, and a viewer gets her 2 minutes of fame as she and her daughter eat a delicious combination of eggs, peas, and peanut butter…yummy.

There are 5 main elements you need to have on your direct mail as part of an effective fitness marketing plan.  I go through each of these in detail.  In this day and age you have to pay attention to the details, otherwise your fitness marketing efforts will be wasted.

I hate being on hold.  I hate it as much as a vampire hates the sun.  In fact, I wish I could become a vampire and bite the person who does end up answering.  From cable companies to phone companies, I share a killer resource that will help you get a real person right away without spending hours on hold.

Role playing sucks.  Plain and simple.  But it works…and therefore I advocate you incorporate it into your fitness sales training.  There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to implement it at your fitness business, and I discuss how I would do it.

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