star_3In this week’s episode I share with you how you can deal with a competitor in your market with a similar business model, I have a Killer Resource that revolutionizes the way you use the Internet, and I discuss how you can implement a business of the month promotion at your fitness business.

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Competition in the fitness industry is everywhere.  Big competitors, small competitors, and of course the annoying “Identical” competitor.  It’s easy to bob and weave the competitive waters when you dominate a niche market, but not so easy to handle someone with the exact same business model as you.  Learn how to deal with these annoying pests in this week’s episode.

Internet Explorer….full of frozen and blue screens.  Firefox….boring and slow.  Well along comes a new browser from Google and I LOVE it.  I’m biased of course because I love pretty much everything Google creates.  In fact I’m thinking about getting Google tattooed across my lower back.  Who wouldn’t want a Google tramp stamp??  Anyway, I explain some of the cool features behind their new browser.

Business of the Month programs are killing it in our clubs right now.  It adds a new spin to the traditional Corporate flyers many of you hand out already.  We’ve just had a great experience with the process I explain to you on the show.

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