star_3In this week’s episode I share with you how you can deal with a competitor in your market with a similar business model, I have a Killer Resource that revolutionizes the way you use the Internet, and I discuss how you can implement a business of the month promotion at your fitness business.

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:


Competition in the fitness industry is everywhere.  Big competitors, small competitors, and of course the annoying “Identical” competitor.  It’s easy to bob and weave the competitive waters when you dominate a niche market, but not so easy to handle someone with the exact same business model as you.  Learn how to deal with these annoying pests in this week’s episode.

Internet Explorer….full of frozen and blue screens.  Firefox….boring and slow.  Well along comes a new browser from Google and I LOVE it.  I’m biased of course because I love pretty much everything Google creates.  In fact I’m thinking about getting Google tattooed across my lower back.  Who wouldn’t want a Google tramp stamp??  Anyway, I explain some of the cool features behind their new browser.

Business of the Month programs are killing it in our clubs right now.  It adds a new spin to the traditional Corporate flyers many of you hand out already.  We’ve just had a great experience with the process I explain to you on the show.

As always your thoughts are appreciated. Please leave a comment below that will benefit the other viewers AND will get you noticed by Google. Enjoy the show!


Kill the competition
Like a man on a mission,
Curtis Mock and Fitness Business Television on iTunes iphone2

Health Club Marketing Extraordinaire ;)

  1. Curtis Mock

    Quick Announcement!

    If you have submitted an application for the 19.9 cent direct mail offer, please be patient. They had just over 100 applications received and it takes a while to get approval/disapproval, and then follow up with phone calls and emails. But I promise it’s worth the wait if you are approved!

    Enjoy the show…Leave any comments below!

  2. Rich Ekstrom says:

    Well done and well said, I’m impressed – looking forward to talking with you Friday

  3. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m 10 miles outside of Dallas. I sent you a message through the ask curtis link. I’d love to meet up if you have time!

    • Curtis Mock
      Curtis Mock says:

      Looking forward to it!

  4. Curtis,

    Great show. I could not agree more on the power of a Business of the Month program. This has been a very strong tool that I have used this year. In one location I worked at, we did a BOTM with the Target in that town and ended selling 10 memberships from that one business. I was just at a great club in North Carolina earlier this week and I helped the gym owner’s consultant set up a BOTM program. In one hour we had 5 appointments. If you do not have BOTM program in your club, you are missing out on some great leads and a great way to build a strong business to business relationship within your community! Like Curtis was saying, you can find an outline for a BOTM program at


  5. Shelia Hall says:

    My question is during the month of May for the National Fitness and Sports month would I offer a FREE month to potential members or just two weeks. What is your suggestion….

    Thanks for all the tips I enjoy hearing them from you. I do like the Business idea too. Already thinking of some to contact.

    Shelia Hall
    Crosby, TX 77532

    • Curtis Mock

      I think either is fine. If no one in your area offers 30 days, then you can do 2 weeks. But if your competitors all offer a 30 day trial promotion, then you won’t want to be seen as the gym who won’t give adequate time to try.

      But the key is to incentivize them to join. Whether you do a 30 day, 2 week, 1 week, 3 day, etc trial…the whole point is to get them to sign up early in their trial, preferably day 1. You do this with incentives. Granted some really will need to try it out, which is fine, but make sure they know that if they sign up within the first week, they get more incentives.

  6. I love the business of the month idea. I assume that it will also work for boot camp. In a small area where you do not have a big selection of places to use for the business of the month, would you go back to a business and use that one again if you did not have a could turn out with them the first time.

    Thanks for all the great tips that you give us every week. Alexa wants to know when she is going to be on your TV show 🙂

    • Curtis Mock

      Absolutely. If you only had 12 businesses in your area, that’s really all you need. And lets say only 6 of them want to participate, well then they get two months per year dedicated to them. You can always repeat.

  7. Mara says:

    See you in Dallas!

    Mara Glazer
    Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

  8. How about “on the road”?? I’d love to see some candid interviews from the Glazer Kennedy Super Conference!

    Great show this week. Keep up the great work!


    Chris Batchelor

  9. Nate says:


    You SUCK! The 19.9 postcards are not available in my tiny little town.

    Ha ha ha! No worries. I can get some printed cheap enough since I have some connections in the advertising/printing world.

    But one day, maybe you can help me out.


  10. Nate says:

    Oh yeah, good tips regarding competitors and the Business of the Month stuff.


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  12. Lilian says:

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