police_clipart.pngSince I have no desire to go back to Internet Jail I decided I would follow the rules and add the critiques later. I think it was a fine choice.  So in the spirit of repetition, to watch the Website Critiques, simply click good ole Deputy Dan over here to the right after the show and you’ll be taken to a private viewing of your website critiques.

Or just click this link to view the website critiques

star_3In this week’s episode I take you through round two of your fitness website critiques, I have a great Killer Resource that tells you exactly who owns any website, and I share with you one of my favorite promotions you can do with your local grocery stores that will generate hundreds of new leads for your fitness beach

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:


Well it appears the website critiques were a hit.  Thank you to everyone who asked me questions.  If I haven’t responded yet, know that I will soon. Round two is here, and I actually posted it at the NEW BLOG!

That’s right, I missed sharing my fun thoughts with you outside of the studio, so I added a Blog section to this website.  Sometimes I’ll add things relevant, many times it will just be my outlet to hear myself talk.  Either way, it should be fun.

Does someone own a domain name that you want?  And they aren’t even using it!  Grrrr…  Well why not buy it from them?  I discuss two resources that will show you exactly how to find who owns the website you want.

Wanna know a killer promotion I ran several times, all with great success?  Stay tuned for the Outside the Box section of the show and I’ll show you how you can generate hundreds of new leads by partnering with your local grocery store.

As always your thoughts are appreciated. Please leave a comment below that will benefit the other viewers AND will get you noticed by Google. Enjoy the show!


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    17 replies to "Episode 16 – Fitness Business Television"

    • Christy Franklin

      You should wear collared shirts more often. Raar.

      And I love love love the grocery store promo! A couple questions if you have time:

      What do you recommend the grand prize drawing be for, and should I make an event of it AT the store?

      Do I give all of the people who enter the drawing something right then for immediate satisfaction?

      What do you recommend I give to the other people who didn’t win the prize?

      Thanks a bunch. And seriously, button up is the way to go. I actually watched the show in one sitting this time for that reason alone 🙂


      • Aw shucks 🙂

        The grand prize can be a free one year membership or equivalent. I would hold the grand prize at a later date. It wouldn’t benefit you much to hold a live drawing when all the people throughout the weekend who signed up aren’t still waiting at the store. You can call the winner later.

        You can give something to everyone. I recommend a gift card. Then you have an excuse to call them to get them to come in and redeem their gift card.

    • Randy

      Good show this week. I just found this site recently and spent almost a hour and a half watching all the previous episodes,. A few things I hope you can throw into one of these episodes are maybe some ideas on a start up? I see you run a lot of stuff geared towards businesses already but what about a new or yet to be formed business? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

      • I’ll try to add something occasionally for new gyms also. I’m sure there are some trainers that want to open a studio and studio owners that want to expand to a full gym. Good idea, thanks Randy

    • Curtis,

      Another awesome, fun, and entertaining show. We truly are going to miss you in the fitness industry as you peruse your thumb wrestling passion LOL.

      – Chris Cannon

    • We’ve already made some of the changes that you suggested, but still have work to do. Awesome help and so appreciative of your critique. We’ll keep at it.

      • I just looked at your site! It already looks better! Get that email opt in on there though…that’s the key to having your website working for you. Great job taking action Karen!!

    • Great Episode Curtis. I have been looking for a site like whois.net and betterwhois.net so I am glad I tuned in.

      Love the corny joke in the intro. You had me laughing. 🙂

      Mara Glazer
      Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

    • Zach

      You are too much. You said you were leaving to thumb wrestle and I thought Curtis is full of crap, where is this story going. Then I started to actually believe it as you continued the story!!!

      Too funny dude. The thumb wrestling skit at the end was awesome too. Glad you’re staying in the industry…we need you!

    • Curtis, you are so crazy somethings i wonder where you come up with this stuff. You make me laugh all the time. I am so gad that you bring your crazy personality into the show.

      I love the grocery store promo. I will have to try that here with our boot camp. I never thought about that. It would be great to use in the spa by the gym also. Thanks for the great tip.

      The show just keeps getting better.

    • Curtis,

      While you may enjoy April Fools, I have one of the worst days ever on April Fools. Do you know how creative and original 10 year old April Fools jokes are?

    • Curtis,ok I’m licking my wounds and swallowing my pride on vacation in Hawaii. I was pleased with my website because a member who needed help did it free on a trade. He’s a great guy and it’ll be tough to swap it out, but we will. Ironically, we get 5 -10 memers a month from it but I guess with improvements we should expect even more!!

      If I go to 99designs and post a project, do you have any tips on on things I need to tell them to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes made in the past with our website?  I was thinking of giving
      Them a link to your critique as part of the process but I doubt they need that.

      Thanks again for the great resources and coaching.

      P.S. Our DM campaign with gymmarketing.com went very well too. Looking forward to the next succesful project.

      • Matt,
        Glad you don’t mind a little tough love 🙂

        As for 99designs, give them guidance…tell them what problems you have with your site…tell them what you definitely don’t want…and what you definitely do want.

        They are web designers though, not web developers…which means they can put together a pretty website, but it’s still up to you to organize the site better. You’ll tell them the tabs you want, and what the “sub tabs” are within each.

        They will want example sites that you like the look and functionality of. Explain what you like about the example sites and what you don’t. But DON’T tell them exactly how you want the site to look. Let them bring their own creativity into the project. You’ll get to see a variety of ideas from all of the designers and once you find one you like, you can tell the other designers what you like from the other submissions.

        The key is to be active. As soon as someone submits a design or makes changes you recommend to their first draft, give them feedback as soon as possible. I tried to do it immediately since they’re already working on it, they’ll continue working on it. And many designers are overseas, so if you wait until later in the day to comment on their design, it could kill a day of design time since they’re on the other side of the world and sleeping while you’re working..

    • Did I tell you I love you in a non homo way.. Thank you for the critique
      we were going to add stuff like the Nutrition Zone store, our new women’s only gym with in a gym.
      we will now ,thanks to your eye do a revamp. Can’t wait to met you guys one day.
      thanks also for the complments .

    • Great show. Look forward to the pricing model results.

    • Great info sir. Thank you!

    • Cool stuff as usual. I like the Grocery Store Promotion idea.

      However, if you live in a small town and the nearest grocery store isn’t that great, is it okay to go out of town to a larger or better store for something like this? Or is it one of those things where you don’t want to burn bridges in your own home town?


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