star_3In this week’s episode I share with you why I think you need to go old school with your marketing, I’ve got a killer resource that will help you find great stock photos for your website and marketing materials, and I’ll share with you how you can get amazing tradeouts and joint ventures with area businesses. (And an appearance by an unlucky black cat!)

Websites and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

  • (The best damn health club marketing company period)
  • Health Club Marketing with, the most complete resource center for gyms
  • (A health club website hosting and domain registration company)
  • (A great free fitness images website to find pics for your fitness website or health club direct mail)


Too many gym owners and personal trainers have gotten lazy.  Instead of sitting around waiting for leads to come through your door and depending on email and internet leads, you need to be out MEETING PEOPLE!  That’s right…networking events, even the grocery store is a great place to meet tons of new leads.  I tell you how in this episode.

It’s tough to find a great picture for your website and print marketing material.  Especially high quality pictures you can afford.  Well now you have a great new resource with tons of free pictures you can use for your fitness website and fitness marketing.

You must understand the most powerful tool in your arsenal.  It is the one thing that will allow you to develop unlimited joint ventures with area businesses and maybe even provide you a few luxuries in life…all for Free.

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Cats are evil…

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